Brief Cases (Unabridged)

Jim Butcher
An all-new Dresden Files story headlines this urban fantasy short story collection starring the Windy City's favorite wizard.&#xa0;<br /><br />The world of Harry Dresden, Chicago's only professional wizard, is rife with intrigue - and creatures of all supernatural stripes. And you'll make their intimate acquaintance as Harry delves into the dark side of truth, justice, and the American way in this must-have short story collection.&#xa0;<br /><br />From the Wild West to the bleachers at Wrigley Field, humans, zombies, incubi, and even fey royalty appear, ready to blur the line between friend and foe. In the never-before-published "Zoo Day", Harry treads new ground as a dad, while fan-favorite characters Molly Carpenter, his onetime apprentice, White Council Warden Anastasia Luccio, and even Bigfoot stalk through the pages of more classic tales.&#xa0;<br /><br />With 12 stories in all, <i>Brief Cases</i> offers both longtime fans and first-time listeners tantalizing glimpses into Harry's funny, gritty, and unforgettable realm, whetting their appetites for more to come from the wizard with a heart of gold.&#xa0;<br /><br />Collection includes:&#xa0;<br /> "A Fistful of Warlocks" (from<i> Straight Outta Tombstone</i>, edited by David Boon), read by Cassandra Campbell "B Is for Bigfoot" (from <i>Under My Hat: Tales from the Cauldron</i>, edited by Jonathan Strahan), read by James Marsters&#xa0; "AAAA Wizardry" (from the <i>Dresden Files</i> RPG), read by James Marsters&#xa0; "I Was a Teenage Bigfoot" (from <i>Blood Lite 3: Aftertaste</i>, edited by Kevin J. Anderson), read by James Marsters&#xa0; "Curses" (from <i>The Naked City</i>, edited by Ellen Datlow), read by James Marsters&#xa0; "Even Hand" (from <i>Dark and Stormy Knights</i>, edited by P. N. Elrodread), read by Jim Butcher&#xa0; "Bigfoot on Campus" (from <i>Hex Appeal</i>, edited by P. N. Elrod), read by James Marsters&#xa0; "Bombshells" (from <i>Dangerous Women</i>, edited by George R. R. Martin and Gardner Dozois), read by Julia Whelan "Cold Case" (from <i>Shadowed Souls</i>, edited by Jim Butcher and Kerrie Hughes), read by Julia Whelan&#xa0; "Jury Duty" (from <i>Unbound</i>, edited by Shawn Speakman), read by James Marsters&#xa0; "Day One" (from <i>Unfettered II</i>, edited by Shawn Speakman), read by Oliver Wyman&#xa0; "Zoo Day" (original), read by James Marsters&#xa0; <br /><i>*The author’s notes that precede each story are read by the author.&#xa0;&#xa0;</i>
Sci Fi & Fantasy
℗ © 2018 Penguin Audio
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