The Book of Leon: Philosophy of a Fool (Unabridged)

Leon Black, JB Smoove - contributor , Iris Bahr
Everyone's favorite houseguest who never left, Leon Black (played by award-winning comedian JB Smoove from HBO's <i>Curb Your Enthusiasm</i>), drops his wisdom and good-bad advice for the masses. Learn the secrets Larry David has gleaned from the Falstaff of television. Live your best Leon. Bring the ruckus. <br /><br />Aristotle. Gandhi. Lao Tzu. Dr. Ruth. <br /><br />Amateurs. <br /><br />For centuries, bespectacled dorks have pored over the scrolls of the ancients, read tea leaves, and looked to the stars for philosophy, wisdom, and advice. While some people have probably offered good advice, and others offer bad advice, Leon is here to offer his brand of good-bad advice. These are the musings of a master genius spitting out the secrets of the universe - to help you become just like him. <br /><br />Be forewarned: in opening this audiobook and Leon's mind, you need to be prepared for straight talk. The kind of unfiltered blunt straight talk that pounds on your door; invites itself in; makes itself at home; helps itself to your food, your security pass code, and your expensive organic beet juice; and finally makes itself comfortable on that twin bed in your guest room. All the while you think you're helping it - but really it's helping you help yourself! <br /><br />Because that's how this book doozit. <br /><br />Leon Black: He ain't wrong...he just ain't right.
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